Why The Job Description Needs To Be Precise

Internet job boards are often used as recruitment tools in a PERM application. Advertising agencies that work with domestic firms often suggest posting in a national job board. It satisfies one of the recruitment obligations and sends a message to the Department of Labor that anyone in the nation who might be qualified will see the posting. While it might seem like any old job posting would do, the DOL is in fact quite specific about the language used and the information given on a job board.

Advertising agencies that specialize in PERM recruitment ads are a great resource. It is their job to know what makes an application successful - whether saying more is better than being vague, or how to get an ad in the most reputable local newspapers.

When it comes to internet job board posting, advertising agencies are more prepared than anyone for the coming changes. Changes to job posting sites are coming along slowly but surely until the entire industry will change. The shift is away from free sites inspired by Craigslist to a more subscription based boutique job board site that suggests relevant jobs to their members.

Are Free Job Boards Almost Over?

Free job boards are still quite popular today. A good example is Indeed.com. Indeed.com is a free, subscription based site that allows companies to post jobs on their site. Interest applicants can scroll through and apply for the job either on Indeed or get directed to the homepage of the company they want to work for.

It was a pretty effective model a few years ago, when not click here so many people used it. Today the sheer number of job postings and people viewing make it very difficult to get hired. It is hard to find really specialized jobs on Indeed, the kind of jobs that a PERM application would be for.

Paid Recruiters is the Future

As far as PERM is concerned, the future of job boards is shifting from the large and free model to a smaller paid membership model. A great example is Onwardsearch.com. Onwardsearch requires a small sign up fee to begin using their databases as a job seeker. They have a niche database of jobs that apply only to the skills of the job seeker, and send weekly job blasts with new jobs that might be of interest.

One benefit to the paid model is that job seekers are more likely to get hired. Another benefit of the paid model is that specific jobs in mathematics, physicals, engineering, and others are more likely to be posted. They are certainly not likely to be posted on Indeed.com because thousands of unqualified people would apply. For PERM applicants, the paid model makes it easier for skilled domestic workers to see what jobs are available in their niche.

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